Get Website Hosting For Rs. 25/- & FREE Domain

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If you plan to create a strong online presence for your business, you need a website. Consider website as your shop online. This is where people come, looking for products and services you have to offer and some end up purchasing them. If you plan to learn digital marketing more effectively, you might need a website. Here are the main components of a website.

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Be clear about what you want to create and how you want to do it. You plan to create a website or a blog. Although both are nothing but a folder containing webpages the main difference is in the intent behind creating one. Website is something created from business and transactions perspective whereas blog is created from an interest perspective.


A domain is the online identity of any business. Consider the example of Automotive Exchange Private Limited. Ever heard of this company? No right. But I am sure you have heard of Ever heard of Info edge? No but you definitely must be using one of its domains quite actively. Domains like,,, etc. all fall under the umbrella of Infoedge. We don’t know the parent company but recognise it by the domains it owns.

To buy a domain visit registrars like Godaddy, Bigrock, Hostgator and many more. Although to get things rolling, you can start with a free domain with .tk as an extension also known as Top Level Domain.

Get a FREE Domain

View video explaining the process practically.

Server / Hosting

A Server is nothing but a huge hard drive on with the files of your website are hosted. A website or a blog is nothing but collection of webpages. when you type a domain in the browser, a request goes to the server, the request is accepted and processed, the requested page is fetched and served in the browser window. But in order to do so, these pages have to be saved somewhere. That location where the webpages are saved is called as a server.

There are 3 main categories of a server.

  • Shared
  • Dedicated
  • Cloud Based

The type of hosting depends on the size of the website and estimated web traffic; mostly on the estimated traffic.

Buy shared web hosting for just Rs. 25/- per month

Coding / Content Management System (CMS)

Once you have a domain and hosting, the next part is to start creating the framework and defining the structure of the website. This requires some level of coding skills. You need knowledge of HTML, CSS for the front-end and PHP for the backend.

If you don’t have coding skills, use a Content Management System like WordPress which creates the framework, layout and structure for your website. Website creation is now simple tasks of drag and drop. With zero coding skills, you can create a website in minutes.

There are other CMS like Wix, Joomla, Drupal and Magento to name a few. But WordPress powers more than 34% of the world wide web. WordPress is the most popular and the most flexible CMS out there and the best option to get things started with. Here are the figures.

#CMSMarket Share
15DataLife Engine0.6%
18Progress Sitfinity0.5%
20Expression Engine0.4%

WordPress alone has over 40,000 free themes and 45,000 free plugins created by its community of contributors, demonstrating the power of open-source software development.

View video explaining how to buy server at low cost and how to install WordPress using C-panel practically.


The most important piece of the puzzle is content. You don’t want to someone who has the most beautiful website but no or poor quality content. Its ok to have a vice versa situation.

Write detailed and optimised content. The main components of content are

  • Descriptive
  • Informitive
  • Credibility
  • Mention USPs
  • FAQs

Once the website is up and about to be running, create a logo for the business for free using tools like Canva. Canva helps you with creatives, cover and display pics for enhancing your social media presence.

Create professional logo for your business for free with Canva.

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