How To Apply For Maharashtra COVID-19 Online E-Pass & Check Status

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Today majority of countries are under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These are seriously dark times that we live in. Many are under quarantine and are urged to stay in their homes by the various Governments. Getting food, groceries and travelling from point A to point B has never been this difficult before. In such times, the most common question is what to do in case of a medical emergency? The answer is COVID-19 e-pass.

What is Maharashtra COVID-19 E-Pass?

During the lockdown period, it is next to impossible to go out and travel from point A to point B. Although there are some relaxations in some places and between some time, but travelling long distance within the state still is an unachievable task. The solution to this is Maharashtra COVID-19 Online E-Pass. It is an online issued pass by the Maharashtra Police and can be shown at various police checkpoints while travelling within the boundaries of the state. With this, one might be allowed to travel if correct procedure is followed and if there is a genuine reason. In order to get this pass, one first needs to to visit the official website and apply. This pass is valid only for travel with the state of Maharashtra.

How To Apply For Maharashtra COVID-19 E-Pass Online?

For applying for Maharashtra COVID-19 E-Pass Online, visit You will find two sections there –

  1. Apply for New Pass
  2. Download Pass

If you wish to generate a pass, click the blue ‘Apply Here’ button under ‘Apply for New Pass’ section.

You will find a popup asking you whether you wish to travel outside Maharashtra. Select ‘NO’ and click the green ‘Submit’ button for travel within Maharashtra.

You will find a form asking for your personal details along with district, starting and ending point, reason for travel and upload identification document.

In case of a medical reason, one needs to upload a doctor’s letter or other medical documents. Fill all the necessary details as specified in the form.

Apply only if your reason to travel matches with any of the ones mentioned in the image below as your application will be evaluated by the authorities and only if deemed genuine by them will it be approved. Approval takes 1-2 days(based on time taken for my application approval).

On submitting the form, you will reach a screen with 17 digit alpha numerical Token id. This id can later be used to check the status of the application.

How to check status of Maharashtra COVID-19 Online E-Pass

To check your status, visit and click the blue ‘Check Status / Download Pass’ button under ‘Download Pass’ section.

Enter your Token Id here to check the status.

The final e-pass can be downloaded in pdf format. It has all your details added in the form along with a QR code that can be scanned by authorities at various checkpoints.

For query related to e-pass, call 02220810643 / 02225440653.

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