DesignCap Overview & Review|Best Graphic Design Tool [2020]

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Introduction to Best Graphic Design Tools 

DesignCap is a Graphic Design Tool or software specially designed for a Non-Graphic designer or to the people who are design savvy. DesignCap can make your ideas into creativity in the form of Posters, Banners, Flyers, Info-graphics, etc.

Whether you are an Agency, Freelancer, Start-up, etc then you should certainly try DesignCap and get amazing creatives for your business. If you are into Product Industry, Service Agency or you want to promote your Events through social media cover and get to reach to a wider audience then with this tool you can create staggering creatives with their overwhelming designed templates.

DesignCap does not require any Photoshop design experience or expertise. They have ready-made templates exclusively designed for you, You just need to input your content. If you want to design the poster’s, Flyers, etc manually then you can construct it effortlessly.

DesignCap Interface & Categories.


DesignCap offers several Categories for design which can fulfil your business requirements. Categories Include Marketing & Event, Facebook Ads, Social Media Graphics or any Documents, etc.

DesignCap Categories Example


There are more than 1000 templates to choose from the categories. These templates have ostentatious designs and fill the content and your creative is ready in a minute. Trust me its that stress-free. Let me show you one Category Template, I have chosen Instagram Post as my Category.

DesignCap Template Categorey Example


DesignCap gives you ample resource in their tool or software to get acquainted. If you are stuck at any point or you want to learn some design hacks then is perfect for you to get trained.

DesignCap Learning Centre Example


There are certain Tutorials and Tips for you to keep up to date with the current tools or the Templates, etc. If you have any questions in your mind then you can get resolved through their FAQ sets. In case if you need to give any suggestions then you can directly get in touch with the team & that is simply amazing.

DesignCap Client Support Platform

DesignCap Features 

Our Team is been using this software for a while and we have tried and tested much of the things. So I guess, we are in a good position to talk about DesignCap Features so that accordingly you should take an appropriate decision to buy or not for your enterprise.

To begin with, I have selected Poster designing as an example and further, we will be discussing how DesignCap has amazing elements that can help you create exciting posters for your social media campaigns, etc.


As we discussed earlier, these particular tools offer you some design templates. In the poster category, It is offering us more than 350 templates exclusively readymade. It also propounds to sort by popularity, so you get the recent and popular templates for your business.

DesignCap Photo Template numbers display


DesignCap suggests and recommends the number of photos based on your search query. For instance, I have searched “Digital Marketing” and you can observe that how relevant photos are that can be used in our strategic creatives. Sounds interesting? For me, fortunately, “Yes”.

Photo Template categories


There are over 10 variants of elements to support your Creatives. That includes Lines, Modern Decoration, Abstract Shape, Badge, Arrow and many more. You can make your creatives even impressive and express your thoughts and ideas in a better manner with the help of such bewildering elements.

It has some premium elements and some basic but Design Cap has better elements in Premium options. You could even search the elements based upon your area of the topic. Here, If I search, “SEO” I get multiple elements based upon the search area & you can notice how effectively we can utilize such elements to make our contents even more meaningful and relevant.

Elements Types and Forms


If you want to engage your audience with some data through graphical representation then this is an essential feature of Design Cap. I am fond of this and surely recommend this tool if anyone of you are more prone to create data set creatives for your social media accounts. There are multiple charts to support your data sets, some of them include Line, Table & Map, Bar, Pie, Area and Bar.

Chart types in Graphic Design Tool


If you have a certain photo collection that you need to upload and design as per your business theme then certainly you can do that in DesignCap with the Upload feature. You just need to upload your resources (Max Image space is 1000) and you can start your designing work with ease.

DesignCap Upload Section Example


There are more than 100 forms of text available to make your creative glowing. If you want to write Heading, Sub-Heading, Body text or any Title etc., then you can go ahead with the groups of text that can be perfect for your designs.

Text Design Examples


In my experience, few graphic design tools provide separate templates for Social Icons, Steps Designing, Images & Text designs, etc in the form of Modules. That is where DesignCap is been differentiated from other Content creation tools. While you create creatives, You can also inform your user to get engage with you on social platforms with the help of Social Icons and similarly you can explore other modules like Timelines, Comparisons, Statistics, SWOT Analysis & so on.

Through Modules, you can create effective and elegant designs and educate your audience with clear diagrams and steps.

Modules in Graphic Design Tools Examples


The background is one of the essential element in the Content Creation Tools. With relatable and attractive background page or colour you can grab the attention of your audience, so plan strategically while designing your creatives. DesignCap issues you more than 1000 background sets that you can make a compatible choice for your creatives.

Background Display settings

DesignCap Pricing 

Our team is been using DesignCap plus for a while so our experience with the premium version is quietly effective and good. It is one of the cheapest price available for the Content Creation Tools in the market.

If your Management is planning to buy plans for any Content Creation Tools then DesignCap is a good choice.

DesignCap Pricing Plans

DesignCap Vs Canva 

Both the tools are Graphic Design Tools or Content Creation Tools which made creating designs facile for twain Professional or Newbie designers. If you are a blogger or a freelancer than its gem tools dor you coz it provides major services for free that made producing design easy. While both the tools have top in the industry but I will try to compare both ones and give my honest & brutal reviews that would give you a clear idea that what suits to your business.


Pricing is one of the components that hit decision making for management. But here I would rate 5 out 5 for DesignCap because it offers its monthly Pro subscription is under 5 dollar and that is affordable and even best for small-cap companies.

On the other hand, Canva proposes its Pro subscription for nearly 10 dollars monthly & that costly for the business perspective. But in my opinion, Investing in Canva is worth if you a budget. Canva has different pricing plans such as for Enterprise, Education, Non-profits, Pro & Free Pricing models.


One of the prime factors for me is how many graphic design tools proffer us to download our design or creatives in PNG or PDF format other than JPG. That is where Canva beats DesignCap because it allows their users to download their design in all the format with Free of cost. So here I would rate Canva 5 out of 5.

Design on the other side only offers to download creatives in JPG format only in their free plan. Due to this the image or video quality minimises and it does not generate user intent to look out for the design. So my preference goes to Canva than DesignCap.

Available Devices 

Graphic Design tools presence over the different platforms makes it easier for the people to Navigate and use for their business purpose. Canva is present on multiple devices such as Windows, Mac, Andriod & Web. However, DesignCap is just available on the website because this Graphic Design Tool is new into the market and will be available on the other devices as well soon. But as of now, Canva is ahead DesignCap on this metric too & I would rate Canva 5 out of 5.

Resource Offerings. 

The free plan does not mean that everything would be given to the design. Both DesignCap and Canva has its subscription plans, Monthly & Annually. If I talk about the Free plan then Canva is better than DesignCap because it presents a huge amount of photos, Videos, Elements, etc for free (In Pro even more you get) while in DesignCap
there are less resource proposed.

But DesignCap pro is excellent than Canva because the price is less and you get plenty of templates, photos, videos, elements, Icons, etc. Canva has huge cost and the Pro version is also the same as DesignCap. So here I would rate DesignCap 5 out of 5.

Learn more about the Canva Hacks.

Top 3 DesignCap Alternatives


Best for Midsize and large companies. Easy to use and usability is awesome.


One of the best Graphic Design Tools in the market for social media marketing posts with over 6000 free design templates. Best for freelancers and Bloggers.


One of the good brand in Industry. Its a Graphic Design Tool that gives you the leverage you to get control over text, Phone, Shape, Icon, Opacity, etc. Best for Companies and Professional graphic designers.


DesignCap is one fastest growing Content Creation Tools in the market and many Freelancers and Companies are using this tool for their business purposes. If you have a strict budget and want to get more in less price then DesignCap is a lucrative option for your business.

My experience working on this tool is Amazing and sincerely recommends this tool to any Professional one or Newbie, Its easy for navigating to the interface and work along. Overall I would rate DesignCap 4 out 5.

Author: Akshay Trivedi

FAQ on DesignCap Tool 

What are the DesignCap Pricing Plans? Can we use the tool for Free.

Yes, You can use the tool for free. DesignCap is one of the best and cost-effective tools in the Market. It Is a Graphic Design Tool which offers its services Free and if you want to upgrade for the Service then its 4.99$ Monthly Basic plan and 5.99$ Plus Monthly plan.

Are there any templates available in DesignCap to design? 

There are more than 1000 templates available for you for different categories like Invitations, Posters, Infographics, etc and it is easy to use and design anything.

What are the options available in DesignCap to Download our Design? 

In their Free Plan, DesignCap offers you to download your design in JPG format but if you have subscribed to their Basic or Plus plans then you can download your designs in PNG or the PDF format for better image quality.

On which devices do the DesignCap is available? 

DesignCap is just available on the website because this Graphic Design Tool is new into the market and will be available on the other devices as well soon.

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