Top 6 Email Triggers in Email Marketing [2020]

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Introduction to Triggers in Email Marketing

Hey Folks, I am grateful that you are here. Email Triggers in Email Marketing is one of the important aspects that every marketer should focus on. Over the years, Email Marketers were incorporating “Random” tactics with “Trials and Errors” and hoping to get desirable results. But unfortunately, companies did not connect well with their audience and their conversion dropped drastically. In the most occasion, the Email drafts were sent to spam folders impacting the company’s reputation and the relationship with their customers.

What is the main reason behind those circumstances? Well, to get more personal to your
audience you need to get engage with them periodically with proper concept and message. But now the question comes, how can we do that? Fortunately, there is good news for you, “Email Triggers in Email Marketing” is the key to get to know more about your Customer and send effective personalized messages and delight them.

Are you considering All your customers in one category? I assume not. But if you do that then you are at big risk, as a mass mailing to all will lead to misleading of focus and you will not able to address the need of your target audience. This is why “Email Triggers in Email Marketing” is important for your business not only to connect with your audience but to get more personalized with them.

According to, and Spotlere-commerce marketing Trendrapport” (2019), Most of the E-commerce companies (55%) use software’s for email marketing and another one fourth (25%) of companies will invest in Automation software to integrate their email automation.

Through Email Marketing you can increase Marketing ROI, Improve Campaign
Management, Improve Database quality, Measure Performance etc. As with Email
Marketing, there are certain “Email Marketing Triggers” that you need to
consider while mailing your target audience to increase customer engagement, improve click-through-rates (CTR), Retention Rates, etc.

Let us Discuss the Email Marketing Triggers in detail to understand it better

About Email Marketing Triggers

Email Marketing Triggers
Email Marketing Triggers

After getting an overview of Email Marketing Triggers, Now the question arises, what exactly is Email Marketing Triggers? Okay, let me help you. As your customer behaves through your planned sales funnel you send different types of automated email for acknowledging their status with your Product or Service and this series of the email you send is called as “Triggers” & fortunately, this helps you to converts your leads into a customer.

So Triggered emails are automated emails which are fired when any action takes place by the visitors or the potential customer and this is often called “Behavioural Marketing Automation“.

According to Smart Insights Report (2020), Triggered Email have 215.08% higher chance of open rate as compared to normal G-mail newsletter. However, through the triggered email, you are not only getting personalized with your audience but also building trust and reputation of your company, Meeting customers satisfaction & Increasing customer retention rates.

Triggered emails can be Transactional, Promotional, Educational, etc. For example, if anyone completed any purchase from your website then you can send an automatic email stating that “Your order has been confirmed” this is Transactional emails. This is significant and engaging as you let know the status of their customer journey. Through triggered emails, you can also convert leads in the middle of your sales funnel for example if you sell any course let’s say Digital Marketing Course then you can Invite your potential leads to any webinar or make them download PDF of the course, etc., by automated emails.

While there are tons of Email Marketing Triggers but now, I am listing out my Top
6 Email Marketing Triggers
that cannot be 100 per cent accurate to your business
areas but it would give you a fair idea that you can look out for.

Types of Email Marketing Triggers.

More than 80% of the Market experts have agreed that by installing marketing automation to their business have to get them qualified leads – VB Insight “Marketing Automation, how to make the right buying decision” (2015)

Quality Leads through Email Marketing Automation
Quality Leads through Email Marketing Automation

Well by now we have got some glimpse and stats on how important is the Email Marketing and how we can be benefited through this, now we shall look at some Email
Marketing Triggers that you should probably look out for.

Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails has more than 70% chances of open rate than the normal emails & these automatic emails are sent to new members to who have just joined your service or product and by this your chances of engagement rate increases drastically and if you are taking a bit of time to send such emails then you are wasting a lot of opportunities to make a valuable relationship with your clients.

By Welcome emails you Introduce yourself and about the products to your clients and make them comfortable through the process, you also make them know what exactly they can expect or produce with your brands, etc.
Welcome Emails should be attractive and compelling so that it should please your audience as it brings more value to your business and as well as build trust in the mind of the customer. Above is a Good example of how you should follow the Welcome Emails.

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Active Campaign Welcome Email example
Active Campaign Welcome Email example

Re-Engagement Emails

This is the most important emails that re-connects you with your customers. Over time, customers don’t interact with you for a while, maybe for more than 5 to 6 months, than Re-engagement mails can play a vital role in engaging you with your audience. Some companies tend to name these users or customers as “Inactive” as they are not involved in doing any more business with you. 

For example, If you are a Blog reader and have signed up with some Blogging websites, let’s say Hub-spot, after some months, you may have received a mail stating that “This is some of our news Blogs added that you may be Interested in Reading” this is nothing but “Re-engagement” Mails and this can act as good habit of retaining your customer to your business. As in the below example, you can see how edx have perfectly by stating my requirements and this shows that the brand cares about their customers, this improves customer loyalty.

Re-Engagement Email Example
Re-Engagement Email Example

Survey or Feedback Emails

This is one of the significant automated emails that you should be sent to your prospective clients or customers for getting the fair idea of your business operations or service.

Customers crave when you value and hear from them, it shows how much their feedback is important to you. These emails can be on events such as if they made a purchase, if they have attended your event, Completed the course you offered, etc.

This feedback can help you improve your business services and this will increase sales.

Survey or Feedback Email Example
Survey or Feedback Email Example

Transactional Emails.

Digitalization has given us the leverage to complete our purchase digitally and there are many companies out there, for example, Flip-kart, Amazon, Snap-deal and many more through we can purchase products from Clothing and accessories to Industrial tools. So, while making any purchase, companies sends an automated email stating that “Your order has been confirmed”.

This is significant as people are curious to know about their status of the order and if you delay the mail then it would create tension in the mind of the people and they might opt for other services than your business and this would result in increasing retention cost.

So, Transaction Emails can be sent for many ways, example includes Registration confirmation, Purchase order, Shipping confirmation emails, Cart abandoned emails, etc. Transactional emails can perfectly guide our customer about your brand USP’s.

Thank You Email Example
Transactional Email Example

Product Inventory Updates

Those currently have E-commerce websites they must have carefully tracking the consumer behaviour on their websites and they can track which customer has made the order or place the product in the cart or wishing to buy one by making product Wishlist’s, this all can be tracked through Web Cookies or Email Pixels tracking.

If any user wishes to buy product but their product is currently out of stock or have been sold at the moment then companies sends an automatic email to their user if the product who they were searching, is in stock. This is called “Product Inventory Updates Emails“, this is a good way of showing your concern towards your customers and this can create a strong bond with your audience.

Product Inventory Updates Example
Product Inventory Updates Example

Retention Emails

According to the study, the Acquisition cost of a New user is more than 50% than an existing user. Whether you update your existing product or launching a new product every company aim should be to retain their existing customer first and which this you can generate more customer database through word-of-mouth-marketing.

It is always critical that you should get engage with your existing audience so that you get to know more about them. Delighting customers with new offers or you can recommend your products which are aligned with their interest area, this can help you to get repeat business.

Coursera Course Recommendation Email, a type of Retention Email
Retention Email Example


Finally, I can assume that you must have realized the importance of Email Marketing Triggers. Though the volume of automated emails triggers is frequently less the value of relationship and Customer Engagement would be better. The Triggered emails can run on an Auto-pilot mode when there is any action from your customer side and this can enhance your revenue periodically.

Significantly there are many more Email Marketing Triggers that you should look out for your business. But this was my Top 6 Email Marketing Marketing Triggers. I am glad that you have understood and spent your quality time here, let me know, what other topics you want me to explore?

Thank You.

Author – Akshay Trivedi

FAQ on Email Marketing Triggers.

Why do triggered messages like email have a higher open rate?

Triggered Email has 215.08% higher chance of open rate as compared to normal G-mail
newsletter. The reason behind is that Automated triggered emails are specific and
personalized and that’s is engaging with your audience.

What is a trigger in marketing?

Trigger in simple meaning means any action which has taken by any user, individual, prospect customer on any event and with that, there would be an automatic notification sent on any action.

What are email triggers?

Email Triggers are also called as “Behavioral Triggers” which are been tracked when a customer takes any action or signals on any event then the system sends an automatic email on behalf of any action.

What is a transactional email service?

Transactional Email means any sort of transaction between company and user or customer for a particular product or service and sending the automatic email stating the status of their Transaction or Purchase, etc. For example, Let’s say you made any purchase then you would receive Transactional Email stating “Your order has been Confirmed“.

What are the types of Email Marketing Triggers?

There is a huge list of Email Marketing triggers but the ones which are significant for business operations are Welcome Email, Re-engagement Email, Survey or Feedback Email, Transactional Email & many more.

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