How to do Guide for Beginner Content Writer (+3 Tier “Wheel of Content Marketing” )

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Want to be a content writer…well you are the right door !!!

In this post, you can learn about Content Marketing and Why is it important?

How to determine your Purpose of Content Marketing ?

 3 Tier “Wheel of Content Marketing”



  • Content Marketing is the process to design and generate company’s products and services in interesting way so as to attract your customer’s attention.

  • It is the strategic and creative process of reaching to your preferred segment of audience and delivering valuable and relevant content, so as to capture and retain your valuable customers.

  • With so many online business competitors, it is a little intimidating to serve distinct products to your customers, content marketing is one of the greatest ways to capture your audiences mind and heart

What is Content Marketing and Why does it matter for customer acquisition ?

  • Content Marketing is a medium of reaching to your customer through the digital platform and help them meet their needs and desires.


  • Content Marketing is initiated by creating and sharing online materials such as videos, blogs, press releases, reviews, case studies, eBooks and posts on social media network.


  • It can also help to increase sales by directing traffic to your website, boost awareness of your brand and build trust and recognition amongst your audience.


  • Let’s rewind back to the older days, when Television, Newspaper, Magazines and radio was the Primary source of reaching out to the audiences.

  • The communication was dominated by the one-way interaction between brands and customers. Audiences had no choice but to receive advertising messages whether they wanted them or not.

  • The times have changed now, people are liberal enough to pick and choose the advertisements on the basis of their comfort and wants. Content Creation is the only way to engage, and online marketing allows businesses to connect with their audiences by tailoring as per their demands like never before.

  • Imagine you run a cupcakes bakery, and opt to use content marketing to increase awareness of the bakery and drive more traffic to your website. To achieve this, you could publish engaging content about “How to bake a cupcake in 10 minutes” on your webpage blog, and promote it across the bakery’s social media platforms to increase views and web traffic.

  • Great Content Marketing campaigns are based on understanding the habits and behavior of your customers. The more you know about your customer, the better you will be in engaging them on a personal level

Why Content Marketing is Important?

  • In recent times, when the world has become closer. Within a fraction of seconds, you can connect to person located around the globe. This is what the beauty of digital world.

  • Content marketing is one such channel of expanding your business across states and even internationally.

  • Communicating with your audiences via digital platforms is much easier. It can also help to increase sales by directing traffic to your website, boost awareness of your brand and build trust and recognition amongst your audience.

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How to determine the Purpose of Content Marketing in relation with your company?

Content marketing is a magnetic tool which help in attracting new customers and also retaining the existing customers. Unlike any other traditional marketing, the sole purpose of content marketing is also to attain defined business goals.

 The key to creating a great content marketing campaign require three substances:

  • Answering your customer’s questions

  • Providing value products and services

  • Hunger for more

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind as you put together your own strategy

  • Observe and know your visitors up closely. Keep a track record of accounts they follow on social media network to get a sense of their likes and interests
  • Try and experiment to find the best types of content for reaching your audience and don’t be afraid to use multiple formats such as videos, blogs, posts, GIFs etc.

  • Select the right fit to publish your content and make sure you’re talking directly to your customer.

  • Learn and speak the consumer language to interact with your audience and build strong relation.

  •  Design your content unique, interesting and exciting. Use engaging headlines, infographics and informative language to capture your audience’s attentionBy creating a content marketing strategy, you can boost your reach to your audience’s and strengthen your presence online

4 Tips - Figuring your purpose of online content!

Now that you’re familiar with the basic purpose of content marketing. Let’s look at the four pointers for classifying your content on the basis of audiences.

Entertain – Inspire – Educate – Convince

# Tip 1 – To Entertain

Entertainment is one such factor where you can find lots of scope to be creative and have fun with your content. To keep your audiences engaged, post short video clips and GIF’s over your social media network


# Tip 2 –To Inspire

People are always looking for inspirational quotes, article or thoughts on search engines like Google or Bing which can motivate them and make them happy .You being at the giver side, try and inspire your audience’s by creating a forum on your website with the purpose of maintaining customer interaction and exchange of views and problems, getting better insights from you and other fellow buyers

# Tip 3 – To Educate

In earlier times, family friends and teachers were the primary source to acquire knowledge and learn something new. But now as world is growing digitally, you can learn from any part of the world by the means of sharing Blog posts, article and also eLearning portals.

# Tip 4 – To Convince

Convincing your audience to become your customer is more convenient due to the online marketing. You can convince your audience to use your products and avail your services in a precise manner by sharing customer feedback and reviews or provide them with exclusive guide via eBook.

3 Tier "Wheel of Content Marketing"

You must be wondering what can this wheel lead to, but let me tell you if this wheel rotated accurately will turn your online marketing onto the Bigger success stories for your all social campaign’s.

Lets look at the detail explanation of each wheel mentioned below :

  • Attract – To stand out amongst the other competitors in content marketing can be daunting at first, but if you are able to capture your visitors, it can definitely help you grow. Online content marketing is one such emerging process which can make your visitors turn into customers.
  • Design a beautiful website – A visitor can become your customer if he finds your website clean, easy to navigate and precise content.
  • Active on social media network – Follow the latest trend and your buyer’s interest and post accordingly with amazing deals for them to hang on your website and be a brand promoter. 


  • Engage – Once you start getting your customers, the next crucial element is to keep them engaged with your brand. Customer engagement will help in building website traffic leading to long term brand and customer relationship.
  • Two-way communication – You can easily get connected with your customers, have a two-way communication with them, understand your audience’s specific requirements and find products and services to cater their needs.
  • Delight – Product marketing and services drive the attract stage by drawing customer’s attention to your business. Then comes the engagement stage which means engaging them to become your loyal consumer. The final tier is completed by delighting the audience’s with super saving deals to purchase and satisfying customer service.
  • Create memorable experience – Provide your customer with amazing discounts, promotional offers, coupons, cash prices and what not to make visit your site and shop frequently.
  • Develops a sense of Goodwill – Your customers will be delighted by your exclusive products and services which can accelerate the sense of goodwill, that will make them to stick with your brand and bring more potential customers to your site by being a brand promoter.


  • Everyone is different, so are their buying habits. It is important to create your content in alignment with your audience’s preference. 
  • Content is much more than just text and characters on your webpage. From entertaining GIFs to blog posts, whitepapers, short videos and documentary films, understanding which content format can make the most impact on your audience is critical. 
  • With so many businesses and brands online, content marketing is a valuable tool in helping you to stand out. Making sure you are addressing the right thing, to the right audience, and at the right time when it comes to online marketing. 
  • By the virtue of your content, convert your website visitors into potential customers by satisfying all of their needs that will wow them.

Author : Sheeba Shaikh

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