Long Tail Pro Review|Advanced Keyword Research Tool [2020]

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The demand for advanced keyword research tools has risen exponentially with the growth of SEO professionals in the market. During the pandemic, the demand for SEO professionals shot up as businesses wanted to utilize this time wisely. SEO implementation usually takes time and it takes even longer to see some tangible results. Businesses who opted for SEO services from digital marketing agencies or freelancers certainly are going to have an upper hand in the market over their rivals. This scenario isn’t likely to change after the lockdown. The need for keyword research tools is still there and hence we have decided to review one such tool which is Long Tail Pro.

Introduction to Long Tail Pro Review

Are you a Blogger, Freelancer, Agency, Coach or Mentor? If yes, then you all have a common goal i.e getting relevant and high volume of web traffic as this ultimately will lead to a higher number of conversions.

Long Tail Pro is an Advanced SEO keyword research tool which is automated and provides you with profitable niche keywords with effective keyword analysis. Not only this but it will provide you with a list of relevant long-tail keywords as well which is like gold for any SEO executive as these are very specific and low competition keywords. The chances to rank for such keywords are high.

Our team has been using Long Tail Pro for a long time now and we decided to share our feedback about the same.

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Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool Features

Keyword Rank Tracking

One of the prime features of Long Tail Pro is Rank Tracking. This helps with tracking the position of your organic listing for various keywords on various search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. You can create multiple projects and add Keywords, domain or even URL.

Track your position on Google for the Keywords

Spy on Your Competitors

You can check the Backlinks to your website along with the Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Referring domains (Backlink pointing to a page or a Link) & the total number of backlinks to your domain. This can mainly be used to track your competitor backlinks and their sources.

Competitor's Backlinks Analysis using Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool
Spy on your Competition

Advanced Metrics & Analytics

Through Long Tail Pro you can perform SERP Analysis (Search Engine Results Page) and get information about your Keywords searched. Breakdown of these includes Avg KC (Keyword Difficulty), Strongest Competitor for the Searched Keyword, Google Results Breakdown ( Organic Results, Paid Ads, Featured Snippets, etc) & Competition Analysis.

Keyword Research Analysis through Long Tail Pro

Keyword Research & Competition Analysis

One of the key highlights of long tail pro is it’s “Keyword Research” process. The interface for this is easiest to understand and relatively clutter-free. It will suggest related keywords, their search volumes and difficulty. Not only this but you get a bunch of related long-tail keywords as well. Whether your focus is paid or Organic Search Keywords, Long Tail Pro does a good job of providing the related information.

SERP Analysis Chart

Training & Support

The best part about Long Tail Pro is they also train about their tool with their training videos. Even if you are a beginner, you will be trained here with ample resources.

The Training includes various lessons such as about Competitor Analysis, Seed Keyword & Basic Keyword Research, How to do On-page SEO, Site Structure and Silos, etc. So you are equipped with enough knowledge so that you can construct your advanced SEO keyword research that will aid you in better rankings and ultimately Branding. Please note that most of the training is paid.

Mark As Favorite

You can “Favorite your best keywords“. This would save your time and you can make a list of Keyword sets to track your keyword performance.

Latent Semantic Indexing

Generate tonnes of relevant keywords Ideas with the help of a Long Tail pro for LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). This helps search engines to better understand what the content is about .This will help you to target and rank for more relevant keywords in your niche.

But long Tail Pro is worth Investing?

As like us there are many Agencies, Freelancers, Coaches, Small and Large medium Enterprises that are using Long Tail Pro and the results are quite effective and measurable. The Interface of the long tail pro is indeed simple and straight to the point, so you can perform your analysis at ease.

There are other tools in the market which are also popular for keyword research but this one takes the price for it’s sheer accuracy in reporting data.

The long tail pro tool is Cost-Effective too and has good usability that makes keyword research process more easy. If you are wondering how it can help you get more traffic to your website then you can see the below review.

How Can you get Rank with Long Tail Pro

SEO plays a vital role in any search engines to get you more visibility and impressions and that is only possible by targeting the right set of keywords. Optimizing your website for the search engine is not an easy task but with Long Tail pro it seems like piece of cake.

Suggestions for Keyword Research with Long Tail Pro

  • Find a list of relevant keywords
  • Sort them based on the search volume and user intent
  • Target keywords with low or moderate competition
  • Add long-tail keywords for faster ranking.

Long Tail Pro Pricing

Long Tail Pro Pricing Chart


There are many SEO keyword Research tool such as SEM Rush, MOZ Keyword Planner tool, etc but there is a certain limitation with the keyword analysis. Most of these tools are highly priced and very difficult to operate. Plus the number of keywords and projects that you can work on are very less.

Long Tail Pro is one of the best and cost-efficient advanced SEO Keyword Planner tools that would drive traffic to your website and ultimately able to get you more visibility and Conversions. Recommended for start-up agencies, influential bloggers and freelancers for better ROI and results.

Author: Akshay Trivedi

FAQ on Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro Tool a good Keyword Planner Tool?

Long Tail Pro is an advanced SEO keyword research tool that helps you with Keyword Research, Keyword Analysis, Website Rank Tracking, SERP Analysis, Competition Search Analysis, Paid AdWords Analysis and many more. And the best part of Long Tail Pro is that it is Cost-Effective and it maximizes search keyword visibility on search engines.

Can we get Relevant keywords suggestions from Long Tail Pro?

You can generate lots of relevant keywords Ideas with the help of a Long Tail pro. Long Tail Pro does not give LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keyword ideas. You will get relevant keyword ideas based on your search area.

Is Long Tail Pro strenuous to browse for Newbies or Expert user?

Long Tail Pro has indeed simple and straight to the point interface, so you can perform your analysis at ease.

Long Tail Pro is Cost-Effective?

Long Tail Pro is one of the cost-effective SEO tools to get more Website traffic and do Keyword research for your content in the Industry. There are many tools in the market but Long tail pro has low-cost premium services. Its Annual starter pack starts at as low as $25 and Annual Agency pack starts at as low as $98 monthly, the best in the Industry.

How can Long Tail pro can benefit us?

If you are a Freelancer, Blogger, Agency, Newbie, Mentor or Coach etc then Long Tail Pro can benefit you in many ways. From giving relevant keyword ideas to giving you information about your website Backlinks, Keyword monthly volumes, Keyword difficulty, Website URL Keyword rank, Google Adwords Suggestions, etc it benefits its user with everything that needs to get ranked on search engines.

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