Top 8 Triggered Emails in Email Automation Tools [2020]

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Introduction to Triggered Emails in Email Automation Tools

Hey marketers, I am glad that you are here. Today we have great topic to discuss that is Triggered Emails in Email Automation tools, So why to wait, Lets Begin? What is the most important segment in Marketing to run any business or process? Well, you are smart. It is lead generation.

Even when there are multiple mediums like Social Media ads, Mobile text Alerts, Native ads, etc., where you can connect with your prospect customers. But Email Marketing being old for more than 40 years in the market has the maximum potential to get you more leads.

Feeling old? Let me help you. According to Statista, 2020, There are daily 3.9 billion email users as of now and this number will climb to 4.48 billion by 2024. 80% of the Marketers agreed that Email Marketing has augmented their ROI, Sales and Customer Retention rates.

In 2018, roughly 281 billion emails were sent and received daily worldwide and it is estimated that this number will rise to over 347 billion daily emails by 2023, Statista 2019.  By now you must have realized the potential and significance of Email Marketing.

The value of Email marketing can be described in 3 ways likely its Influencing powers on Purchase decisions, Segmented Campaigns, Engagement with the customers through effective personalization. But wait, don’t get hype while seeing the stats, Did I told in any way that sending random emails to customers will get you leads? Unfortunately, this is not possible.

As the number of digital mediums usage has increased drastically amid COVID-19, transmitting constructive and personalized emails is crucial for any business. Now the question comes, how can we do that? To be precise, Email Automation is the answer to every query.

Many companies feel that they should perform every task manually, what if I say that automating task can give you at par results or better productivity. That means reduced overheads, Increased sales and scalability in the business with scanty resources.

Getting into 2020 was difficult as businesses found it hard to operate their business efficiently but thanks to Marketing Automation that has unlocked many capabilities and opportunities for the business to enlarge their business capacity. As newsletters and off-campaigns are always on the sheet of every company but the smart companies are incorporating automatic email campaigns that trigger every users’ actions.

Let us discuss further Email Marketing Automation and how useful it can be for your business.

About Email Automation and Key Points

As the name suggests “Email Automation”, means sending automatic emails to the user when the certain triggers hit. This is also called as “Behavioral Marketing Automation”, as the websites or the companies track the behaviour of their prospective customers to segment the emails efficiently.

Let me give you an example to understand the concept better. Let’s say you are “Amazon” and you send emails to your customers when they purchase any product from your website, this is called “Transactional Email” for confirming their product purchase and giving them information about their status of a transaction.  Just Imagine you got Millions of people purchasing your products regularly, so sending emails to everyone could be a tedious task for you. This can increase your operational cost and even your management cannot concentrate on core areas.

This is when Email automation comes into picture where you trigger specific emails and when any user takes any action based upon your trigger, Email automation tools sends the notification as per that. That’s the pretty amazing feature of Email Automation right, you set up the personalized email once & as and when any user meets the triggers you defined the email automation tools will automatically send the emails to your user. In short, these tools essentially automate your Marketing for you.

Email Cost-Effective Method for customer acquisition
Email is Cost-Effective

According to Smart Insights Report 2020, Email has higher conversion rates than Social Media, direct traffic and search. While we talk about consumer acquisition, there is a huge investment or the cost prevailed but according to Tomoson report, Email Marketing is the most cost-effective customer acquisition method at par with Influencer Marketing.

Generating quality leads is one of the prime aims for any enterprise and it gets hectic sometimes as getting effective leads is not an easy task, but thanks to Email Automation, wondering why? Business gets an average of more than 451% qualified leads when implementing Marketing Automation to their process,Business2community.

Not just the leads but in terms of ROI, Email Marketing never makes you sad, as in more than 59% of the marketers say that “Email” is one of the chief source of ROI for their business, Emma 2018. There are 2 main elements in Email Automation, the one is Segmenting your audience and second is Drip-Feed emails to the existing users.

Segment Emails are a division of email subscriber into smaller segments and this tactic is used for personalization to deliver more relevant email for better engagement. These emails have specific criteria’s like emails based on Location, Industry, Interest, Product or service they have purchased or they have enrolled in any service and finally how did they find you, for example, over social media, Direct search, Paid ads, etc. On this occasion you need to specific about your message as your prime focus should be that the user should open your mail and take the action as you per your directory.

However, Drip Marketing email often know an as Life-cycle Emails, these emails are been sent to users based upon any triggers are hit for example sign up form registration, product purchased or any other actions. It is called “Behavioural Marketing”. According to Emma report, Relevant targeted emails fetch you more than 18 times revenue for your business and increase conversions.

Till now you must have understood about Email Automation and its significance for Increase sales and conversions. But you must be thinking, Which Email Automation tools should we look for our business? Worry not, I am here to help you out. Note that this tool should be considered as per your business operations and budgets considerations.

Top 3 Email Automation Tools.

1.  Active Campaign– Best for Small enterprise and Start-ups.

2. Omnisend– Good for E-commerce and Transactional Emails.

3. Autopilot– Best tools for Marketing Automation.

Till now we have discussed the Email Marketing Automation and Software’s that you can implement to your business to increase engagements and relationship with your clients or customers, now we shall look for some important Triggered Emails in Email Automation tools that can bring you more consistency and value to your customer service.

There are infact other Email Automation tools that can help you gain more effective templates and clear triggers to your business efficacy.

Let us now discuss about the Triggered Emails in Email Automation Tools in detail to get more clear.

TOP 8 Triggered Emails in Email Automation Tools

Triggered Emails are an essential element in Email Automation Tools as it guides your user as per their action and thus enhances personalization. Through email automation tools triggers you can Create more automation emails at one go and Improve the performance of your business. Though the triggers which I am going to discuss can seem different on other tools, the rules and meaning remain the same.

More Automation and Triggered Emails
Automation and Triggered Emails

Subscribes to a List.

This is one of the significant triggered emails in Email Automation tools, as it carries the highest weightage of focus on the user than any other triggers. If any user wants to get connect with you or want to know your business in details then these triggers can connect you well with your potential buyer persona.

When any user subscribes to a list then they get “Welcome Email” accordingly, wherein the company can Introduce about their brands and guides them on how to get proceed further. For example, if you subscribe to Active-campaign then you would receive a “Welcome Email” with certain guidelines on how to use the Active campaign tools effectively, by this there are 2 things happening. One is you are getting Introduced to Brands and second you are getting additional information on how to use the brand efficiently so that you can get comfortable with the Brand.

Subscribes to a List Triggers in Email Automation tools

Unsubscribes from the list.

I wish that no user should Unsubscribe from your list but unfortunately, there are some scenarios where a user unsubscribes from certain services. But you may be wondering, how should this be important for us as an enterprise? Okay, Great question I must say.

Let’s say you got millions of users on a list to whom you send the emails and for that, there is a certain cost involved and as well as other resources too. Do you want to waste your resources on the unperformed assets? Absolutely No. That is what has been Informed here, remove the user who has unsubscribed themselves from the list and inform this to your other teams as well like Sales Team and Marketing teams so that they can plan their campaign accordingly.

Unsubscribes from a List Triggers in Email Automation tools

Submit a Form

This is also one of the compelling triggers in Email Automation as this addresses the query of the individuals.  Let us take an example to understand it better, for eg, you provide several services or products on the websites and one user visits your page and want to know more about your product or have some query and submits the form but you did not notice that and have not solved the problem of your user, what exactly happened here? You have lost a valuable customer who was interested in your product or service.

With Submit a Form Trigger you are assuring your users that their problem will get sorted out in a short time. You must have seen (such) a message while submitting any form like “Thanks for submitting your query. Our team will get back to you, shortly”. This is the automatic mail that goes automatically when any user triggers the action.

Submits a Form Triggers in Email Automation tools

Open/Read email

This trigger notifies enterprise that if any users opened your campaign. This mostly helps companies to engage with the user further. Previously we discussed the “Drip Campaign” this can be done here. For example, if any user abandoned your product in the cart then you can send them some promo codes through with which they can redeem at the time of purchase.

So, in short, you engaging with your audience more and making a business out of them.

Open or Read Triggers in Email Automation tools

Conversion Occurs

In simple words, “Conversion” means fulfilment of any desired action by the user. Conversion can be anything and it depends upon the Company to Company. For example, for any Digital Marketing Institute, their conversion can be “Thank You” page or “Download Brochure for Digital Marketing E-book”, Whereas, for E-commerce companies, their conversion can be like if any user “Purchased Products” from their websites.

In simple terms, conversion can be anything. If any user triggers your conversion then you can send them email related to those products to service. For example, if any user downloads E-book from your website then you can send them your Course with some discount so that they can proceed further to your sales channel.

Conversion Trigger in Email Automation tools

Makes a Purchase

This is the most essential trigger for E-commerce Companies. This trigger begins an automation when any user purchases any product from your store on the website. You can integrate different tags in this trigger for example if any user abandoned your product then you can give them some promo codes or discounts on the product or If any user purchases any product then you can send them a “Transactional Email” stating that “Your product has been confirmed and it will be delivered soon” and after that, you can up-sell or cross-sell products to your customers.

These Triggers are not only for Transactional emails purpose but also for getting feedback from the customer about your product wherein you get to know from customers side view and this can help you develop your brand further.

Make a Purchase Triggers in Email Automation tool

RSS Based

It is best for the ones who are Bloggers or who write articles daily or the companies who are frequently updating their feeds related to the features of their product or any stats of any Product etc. It is indeed crucial that you should be engaged with your customers on regular touch-points this helps in building long term relationships and this also Increases brand Value of the Organization.

This trigger will begin automation when there is a certain update on your websites, it can be Monthly, hourly or you can set the specific time based upon your business requirements.

RSS Based Triggers in Email Automation Tools

Goal is Achieved

This trigger is a little different. There are two concepts here, in the First case the “Goals can be Achieved” and in the second scenario the “Goal can be skipped”. Let’s take an example to understand better. Suppose you have an E-commerce company and you have a proper sales funnel planned and you set the goal to “Purchase new product” wherein the steps include sign-up, Product order in the cart, etc. And if the user goes as per your sales funnel and completes the goal then this is “Goal Achieved”.

Whereas, in the second case any user who has not subscribed yet but purchases your new product then better than ending the previous automation you start new automation let’s say “Purchases New Product”. Later you can send come coupons or some discounts to your users who have purchased the product directly so that later they become an advocate for you.

Goal is Achieved Triggers in Email Automation Triggers


To sum up, I must say that Email Automation can be a great asset for your company wherein you can engage with your audience effectively not only with your Existing audience but also for acquiring a new customer. The email has the highest Customer retention rates among other channels and it is also one of the cost-effective methods to personalize with your Audience. 

There are multiple triggers available that you must look out for your business needs but these are the important ones that you must focus on while interacting with your users. Thank you for reading and giving your valuable time. Let me know what are your thoughts on Email Marketing Automation? And what other topics should I Explore for you?

Thank You.

Author: Akshay Trivedi

FAQ on Triggered Emails in Email Marketing Automation Tools

How do you automate email marketing?

First Segment your customer as per certain criteria like Location, Interest, Demographic, If they have purchased product or not and from which channels they have connected you with. Then personalize your emails as per customer actions.

After that, you can perform Drip emails for conversions or Increase Brand awareness, etc and get your customers to your landing page so that you can promote your new products and finally you can test your results for the campaigns.

What are the tools for email marketing automation?

Tools are based upon the Business requirements and Budget considerations while there are many tools available for Email Automation and marketing but the best, in my opinion, are as follows.

Active Campaign– Preferably for Small enterprise
Omnisend– good for E-commerce
Autopilot– Better for Marketing automation

What are the types of Triggered Emails in Email Automation tools?

Well there are many Triggers available in Email Automation tools but the main Triggered Emails that you should focus on are Open/Read Mails, Subscribes to a list, Unsubscribes to a list, Goal is Achieved, Conversion Occurs, RSS Based, Make a Purchase, etc.

How can businesses get aid through Triggered Emails in Email Automation tools?

Triggers are nothing but any action which user takes and accordingly we send them an automatic email. With this we personalizing with our audience, Improving Relations with them, enhancing our Brand Value and Increasing Customer satisfaction rate by resolving their issue within a time limit.

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